• Connect the clues and type in the answer. Answer can be a single word or more. Spaces and case doesn't matter. Use the internet, wikipedia and search engines to solve it !
    Answer will most likely be the same as the name of a Wikipedia article (if there exists one)
  • Clues can be found in our social media pages especially Mastodon, Telegram & Instagram.
  • Higher levels doesn't mean they're more difficult. Look for the easy way first, then think out of the box :)


  • Answers will be lowercase strings without any whitespaces or symbols. When you submit an answer, whitespaces are removed and it is lowercased.
    White Field == whiTe fiEld == whitefield
  • The doors will open at 19:00 of February 2, 2020 and will stay open till 00:00 of February 14, 2020.
  • The one on top of the leaderboard when the time runs out will be the winner.
  • Many levels can be completed mainly with the help of a computer and the internet.
  • There is one and only one rule: don't spoil the fun.
  • Hackers, if you found a bug, please report to us :)
  • Participants from any college/school are allowed.
  • You can also participate if you're not a student. But you won't be able to claim the prize.


  • First Prize : 1K
  • Second Prize : 0.5K
  • Student ID card is required to verify your status as a winnner.
  • Prize money will be transferred through UPI or bank transfer.
  • Would you like to sponsor prize ? Help sponsor more prizes for our winners.

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